Grayson Troy
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About me

My name is Grayson Troy and I have been in the Industry for almost 10 years. I work behind the chair 6 days a week. Halfway into my career I stumbled upon the trail of a hairstylist from California that changed everything for me…Ashlee Norman. I took my first Ashlee Norman class in 2016 and I would say that was the turning point of my career. I knew after I had taken that class that education along with becoming a private educator was my passion and where I wanted to take my career. So it was then that I started educating myself. I truly believe you cannot spend enough money on educating yourself and mastering your art. My goal is it to be able to help others the way others have helped me. I am still a student myself. I am currently a part of the Ashlee Norman team, I am a Truss Professional Brand Specialist, I started my own Instagram repost page @basicsofbalayage that has over 70k followers, I have taught my own classes and I am growing my brand. 

My Education

Wella Studio NY/sassoon

ABC 5 day

Color Essentials

Color Dimensions

Creative Color

Color Corrections

Master Color Expert Phase 1 & 2

MCE Exclusive Formulations

Ashlee Norman EDU

Lock Stich Foilayage

Dimond Paint Balayage

Triple Threat Balayage

Color Correction

Salt Society EDU

Salt lab 1

Money piece, teasylights, rootsmudge

Beat the Blorange Balayage

Not yo mamas Foilayage

Bright Blonde Foilayage, &interior low lighting

Advanced Balayage

Masters of Balayage

2 Day Master course in NYC, with Ryan Weeden, Alfredo Lewis, and ASIL.


“The first step to success is education”


“Creative adaptability is a key to success”